Canadian, b. 1994 Beijing.

Alice Gong Xiaowen is an artist and curator based in Brooklyn, New York.

Her thoughts linger on the conceptual connotations of matter, once translated and interpreted as material culture.

Malar, opens May 19th at House of Seiko, a two person show alongside Kennedy Morgan.

She writes and curates occasionally. During covid they hosted Room482, an apartment run exhibition space in Bed-Stuy, dedicated to fostering community convenings around art & performance.

Their past summer was spent overlooking a glacial river at the Ós Textile Residency in Iceland, weaving photographs into cloth on the digital TC2 loom.

They have contributed to exhibitions such as Items: Is Fashion Modern? as part of the curatorial Architecture and Design team at the Museum of Modern Art, NY, and to the design of exhibitions at the Guggenheim Museum.

Her work was in auction for Merde! an Alyssa Davis Gallery Gala. They have recently shown at DUPLEX (New York, NY)

For three years they served as lead artist assitant and studio/production manager for Ivana Bašić.

Open to interdisciplinary collabrations, their company MatrDérive contracts work in art production, fabrication, set, & exhibition design, ∞.

Currently they are in Red Hook, teaching and making things in glass for various artists with Shiny Sparkle Studio.

MFA Yale School of Art, Sculpture 2025

BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2016