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Compound Stool
Woven Textiles: Digital
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Hub Light

This modular structure mimics the microscopic structures of butterfly wings. Each module is designed to flap open and close as it senses the different levels of sunlight. The movement was designed in Grasshopper and tested on a physical model using the Arduino plugin, Firefly, on Rhino. A nylon print of the module was made to capture the structure's form when opened.

A new perspective at tackling sustainable design in architecture is to prototype structures that can perform robotically without the fueling of additional external energy inputs or programmed electrical mechanisms. By harvesting the potential of naturally responsive materials, and by accepting and accentuating their original responsive qualities, ecologically embedded architectural structures can be designed according to specific climatic environments. Designers can learn from nature's complex orchestration of systems and how these systems perform due to the responsiveness of a materials embedded morphologic qualities.

和木 Hé Mù
Material Manipulation
Matrix Jig
Wood Reduction
Suspension Molding
Woven Textiles: Hand