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Designed for production, these couch cushions were created to generate discussion about the cross cultural appropriation of imagery and its linage of authors, including myself. The imagery was woven into the textile, for the context of this object's ornamentation is imbedded within it's surface. Everyday objects can have more meaning than to add a splash of color to your home.

Chinese legend tells of a boy named Sima Guang, later a statesman and historian, who saved a playmate from drowning in a basin of water. The story became a popular Japanese porcelain motif and later spread to Europe. In England, the design was called Hod in the Well after an opera that also involved characters falling into a well.

The photographs of Ceramic Plates and the description above are sourced from the exhibition, Japanese Porcelain and its Influence at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto.

和木 Hé Mù
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